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Ana Paula Bernardo

Ana Paula Bernardo has been working in the labour area, namely providing current labour advice to national and international companies in several areas of Labour Law.


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Beatriz Pereira

Beatriz Constança Pereira joined Belzuz Abogados in 2022.

Catarina Duarte

Catarina Duarte joined the firm of Belzuz in Lisbon in 2004.

Her practice focuses on Civil and Comercial Litigation, as also on Family and Family Law

Enrique Belzuz Fernández

Enrique Belzuz Fernández is the managing partner of Belzuz SLP and operates in offices in Madrid, Lisbon and Porto. His practice focuses on commercial law, particularly in the area of contracts, actively participating in the negotiation, drafting and implementation of agreements on issues of particular complexity.


Luis Filipe Faria

Luís Filipe Faria joined Belzuz Abogados in 2012. He focuses his activity in the insurance area, integrating the departments of Insurance Law and Procedural Law and Arbitration.

Marco Correia Gadanha

Marco Correia Gadanha has developed his activity mainly in labor, litigation, and corporate law.


Miriam Brice

Miriam Brice is responsible for the Department of Corporate and Commercial Law.

Rafaela Beire Cardoso

Rafaela Beire Cardoso joined the firm in 2012 and has developed her work in Tax Law, specializing in indirect taxes.

Ricardo Meireles Vieira

Ricardo Meireles Vieira has joined Belzuz Oporto in 2016

Ricardo has developed mostly in Commercial and Corporate Law, Labour Law and Civil Litigation, manly in the areas of Insurance and credit recovery.

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Ricardo Pires Jordão

Ricardo Pires Jordão is a member of the Real Estate Department, who also works with the Corporate and Commercial Law Department.


Sonia Lopes Ribeiro

Sonia Lopes Ribeiro is responsable for the Labour Department.

Susana Mendes Inácio

Susana Mendes Inácio has been a member of the Litigation Department since 2021. She has developed her professional activity in the areas of Civil and Corporate Litigation, Family and Inheritance Law and Criminal law.

Telma Moreno Nunes

Telma Moreno Nunes deals predominantly with the areas of administrative law, administrative litigation, company and corporate law, being a lawyer for several national and international companies.

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Teresa Lopes Ferreira

Teresa Lopes Ferreira incorporated Belzuz Abogados in Lisbon in 2006.

She develops her activity in several areas of law, with special focus on Civil Litigation and Family and Family Business Law.

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