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Has your company suffered any claims? Has it suffered economic losses arising from a claim or a fault in a received product? Any insurance company has denied to cover your company? Have you got hesitations about taking out and managing an insurance policy? Would you like to check the extent of your underwritten policy? Are you worried about the legal risk that your company faces?

Abogados especialistas en Derecho del Seguro - España y PortugalInsurance law is one of the most complex fields of the legal system. Insurance law is composed by different intertwined rules and general principles of Law which interact creating a structure which is difficult to interpret and manage.

At BELZUZ ABOGADOS S.L.P Insurance Law Department, we provide comprehensive advice on insurance and reinsurance: underwriting a policy, handling claims, managing risk, legal assistance in negotiation processes and, if appropriate, legal defence before courts.

BELZUZ ABOGADOS S.L.P Insurance Law Department has been providing ongoing advise to Spanish and foreign companies, brokers and insurance entities since 1998.

BELZUZ ABOGADOS S.L.P. has a team of insurance lawyers spread in its offices in Porto, Lisbon and Madrid, has an extensive experience of over 30 years in different insurance branches and types, as well as in defending their clients’ interests.

Moreover, BELZUZ ABOGADOS S.L.P. is a member of the alliance INSURALEX (Global Insurance Lawyers Group), certified as a Leading Law Firm Network by Chambers and Partners, which includes more than twenty jurisdictions around the world (including US, Canada and Brazil), which ensures a comprehensive and ongoing legal advice, regardless of where the claim may take place.

What can BELZUZ ABOGADOS S.L.P. do for you?

• Analysis and audit of the legal risk of your company;

• Proposal for the implementation of a comprehensive system for legal risk management;

• Design of legal strategies for claims;

• Ongoing legal advice regarding underwriting and managing policies;

• Assistance when communicating and filing a claim;

• Representation in negotiations with the insurance company(ies);

• Professional and comprehensive legal advice;

• Representation in courts;

What are the fields of expertise of the Insurance Law Department at BELZUZ ABOGADOS S.L.P.?

• Responsibility for Defective Goods;

• Medical malpractice;

• Industrial civil liability;

• Environmental liability;

• Life insurances;

• Merchandise and transport;

• Construction;

• Life Sciences and new technologies;

• Sport accidents;

• Traffic;

• Damage claims: fire, dampness...;

• Regulatory;

What experience do we have?

• Defence of the insurance entity in a 1,100,000-euro claim related to medical assistance provided to a polytraumatised patient after a traffic accident;

• Leading negotiations of a large industrial claim related to damages of serious environmental impact in a major population centre;

• Defence of the insurance entity in a large claim in railway transport, with several casualties and injured;

• Defence of the laboratory manufacturing a sanitary product with allegedly faults that caused severe injuries and damages to the affected parties;

• Defence of the insurance entity of the health centre where there was a loss of cryopreserved pre-embryos;

• Consulting and design of procedural strategy in a sport accident with several fatalities;

• Consulting and representation of clients in a claim for a maritime accident;

• Defence of the insurance entity in claims related to a defective healthcare product, with several affected patients all over the world;

• Leadership in negotiations for a claim related to an accident at work resulting in fatalities;

• Consulting in a large industrial claim for a defective product in blend coverage, repatriation costs involved;

• Consulting of policyholder and insured in planning the procedural strategy and the defence in a case of criminal offence against sexual freedom;

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