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Abogados especialistas en Derecho Laboral - España y PortugalBELZUZ ABOGADOS, S.L.P Labour Law Department provides comprehensive advise in labour relations for Spanish and international companies.

Our broad experience also allows us to provide labour advice to Senior Management, Directors and qualified workers.

Similarly our presence in Spain and Portugal allows us to provide a comprehensive labour legal advice in the Iberian market.

Regarding Companies

As Labour lawyers, we have expertise in aiding international companies, helping them to deploy their business in Spain and/or Portugal and adapting their Global Corporate Policies to the Spanish or Portuguese labour laws. Since there are clear differences between the laws in the home country of such plans and the Spanish or Portuguese laws, we believe that, according to our experience, the personalised advice that BELZUZ ABOGADOS provides is a guarantee for success.

Likewise, BELZUZ ABOGADOS and its Labour Law Department provide to multinational and Spanish companies a broad experience in drawing up and implementing:

• Policies regarding variable remuneration (Bonuses, Incentives, RSU-Restricted Stocks Units, Stock Options, etc.)

• Corporate policies on using the internet and email and on controlling the performance of work (Geolocation, video surveillance, control of working hours, etc.) in accordance with the Spanish labour law, bringing them into line with the new European Data protection regulation and with the judicial doctrine deriving from the High Court and the European High Courts of Justice.

On the other hand, we provide to Companies a broad procedural experience in any litigations in which they may be involved, based on over 20 years of trial expertise.

Another interesting matter in our service range is legal advice and assistance for Companies that would like to undergo restructuring (collective dismissals and significant amendments of working conditions) as well as negotiation with Unions and Work Committees.

Furthermore, in these past years fundamental-rights issues in the labour field and their judicial consequences have become widespread in the Spanish labour market.

Such fundamental rights in the labour field and their additional compensation for breaching the fundamental right and moral damage are recurring issues in disputes regarding dismissals, harassment and sexual harassment in the workplace, in which our Office has a broad and proven expertise

Regarding Senior Management, Directors and qualified workers,

BELZUZ ABOGADOS, both in Spain and in Portugal, provides comprehensive counselling to directors and qualified workers, from the negotiation of contractual terms to the termination of their employment agreement, where our expertise is key in order to achieve the maximum legal or contractual compensation.

Our international nature allows us to offer a broad expertise regarding “expats”, where Directors require a special counselling on severance payments or on international jurisdiction of the courts, as well as assistance in trial, if needed.

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