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Opening a Bank Account in Portugal for foreigner that do not have residency in Portugal

VolverOpening a bank account is one of the first steps to be taken by non-resident who wish to live, acquire a property, or open a company in Portugal.

Opening a current bank account in Portugal can be carried out in person or online, fax or by mail. These forms need to be correctly filled out and be signed.

Before opening an account, the credit institution must provide the customer with the information about the account (pre-contractual information): (i) a standardized information sheet (FIN); (ii) a depositor information form (“FID”); (iii) the commission information document and (iv) a copy of the general conditions of the account.

Credit institutions are obliged to provide this information to customers, whether the account is open in person or online.

In the case of a non-resident applicant, financial institutions request the following documentation:

• Passport or Identification Document issued by the country of origin,

• Proof of address (example: electricity, water, gas bill),

• Portuguese taxpayer number,

• Last salary receipt and/or document proving employment.

In case a legal person opens a bank account, the following documents must be presented to the financial institutions:

• Company’s Commercial Registration Certificate (incorporated under the Portuguese law),

• Identification of beneficial owners.

As to the legal persons it is mandatory to present the commercial registration certificate issued in their country of origin. As to single persons it is required to present their identification (passport or identity document).

Company's managers also require their identification document or passport, as well as proof of address, and their Portuguese taxpayer number.

Also, the demand deposit contract is authenticated by the client's signature. The credit institution must provide the customer with a copy of this agreement, a hard copy or any other medium suitable for direct use.

Some foreign banks have agencies in Portugal, meaning the procedures that require the opening of an account are easier. All documentation can be signed in foreign countries and subsequently sent to Portugal through the bank’s internal services.

Finally, after opening the account, credit institutions should periodically update the available information to their customers.

The Department of Commercial and Corporate Law of Belzuz Abogados S.L.P. - Branched in Portugal is available to provide any necessary assistance to non-residents in the process of opening a bank account in Portugal.

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