Telematic Communications

Generalization of telematic communications in an increasing media world, involves the regulation of new legal relationships among network operators, electronic communications services providers and its users with these guarantees of rights.

In this area we advise on activity development, in areas such as:

  • Compliance with the conditions for registration and operation of networks or provide electronic communication services, in the negotiation with operators for interconnection with the purpose of providing the available electronic communication services to public and, in general, in the relations with the Commission of Telecommunication Market.
  • Liability for breaching in telecommunications.
  • Regarding aspects on the secrecy guarantee of communications and the protection of personal data of users.
  • In disputes between operators and consumers and end users:  
    • Liability for damage
    • Information of end users rights.
    • Deadline for the promotions revision.
    • Rights of certain services to shutdown with the user’s previous request.
    • Right to be compensated for a service disruption.
    • Right to conclude contracts with the operators by the end users.
    • Minimum content of contracts.
    • Right to terminate contracts without penalty though notices of contract terms modification.
    • Right to receive comparable, relevant and updated information regarding the quality of electronic communication services.
    • Right to choose a method of payment for the services hired.
    • Right of access to emergency services for free.
    • Right to change the operator maintaining the national telephone numbers of the numbering plan.
    • Respecting to rights of subscribers to electronic communication services:
      • Traffic data to be anonymous or cancelled when is no longer needed for communication purposes.
      • Traffic data shouldn’t be used for commercial purposes or to provide added value services without previous consent.
      • Reception of non-itemized bills when requested.
      • Processing of location data.
      • To stop automatic call forwarding to your terminal made by a third party.
      • To prevent from the identification of the line.
      • No reception of calls or automatic communications without human intervention, or fax messages with direct marketing purposes without consent.
      • Regarding development and marketing guides for subscribers to electronic communications services with guarantees on the protection of personal data.  


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